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The perfect dissertation in word and image

The road to your doctor's title is long. It has been an intensive process in which you have to overcome the necessary obstacles. After a minimum of four years of research, philosophizing and writing, it's finally time to bundle your findings into a beautiful book. Your dissertation is the result of the hard work you have done in recent years. Probably it's your best life to date. Therefore, of course, you want the printing to look professional and also graphically support the essence of your research. In addition, you can also think of digital publication of your dissertation in the form of an e-book, flip-book or EPUB.

It is, of course, possible to deliver a Word document to a USB stick at the local copyshop and print it in the desired amount. The quality of the printing is not very durable in this case and, more importantly, the presentation does not reflect the high quality content. Therefore, it is always advisable to enable a graphic designer who specializes in designing and printing theses. Graphic designers provide the layout, illustrations and an attractive cover so your content is best expressed. In this way you are assured that the promotional commission has a well-designed bookshop so that you can start the defense of your dissertation with confidence.

What are the costs for making your dissertation?

Receives a complete publication next to the printed version for free.

PhD dissertations


Your dissertation is the crown of your work after years of research on the way to your doctor's degree. That's why you're not just looking for substantive perfection, but also for flawless printing. As a specialist in printing and graphic design, I give each thesis the appearance of a true masterpiece.
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The way your publication is printed depends on multiple factors such as the printout and the desired quality. Based on the nature of the print and the specific wishes of the customer, I give extensive advice on the printing methods and other possibilities of various publications.
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Illustrations, photos and fonts add content to the message so it better communicates to your audience. Due to my education at the Art Academy and experience as a graphic designer, I, like no other, is able to shape publications appropriately.
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A promotion is an official issue where a printed dissertation is indispensable. However, that does not mean that you can not benefit from the technology of now. For example, you can choose to publish a digital version of your dissertation in the form of a digital publication for smartphone or tablet.
More and more publications no longer get the printing press, but are viewed on the computer, phone, tablet or e-reader. Digital publications bring many additional opportunities that convey your message in a visual way. Think of interactive publications and colorful e-books. I'd like to share with customers and transform physical publications into interactive smartphone, tablet, or desktop applications.