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Special finishes of printed matter

How do you really like what your print company really can see what you can do? We deliver the most beautiful printing daily to our customers, but it is difficult to show online what we can. There are several possibilities to book with such an additional eye-catcher. Of course, we would like to speak our own print. Therefore, you are always welcome to visit our office to see what we have printed for our customers over the years. We would like to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities. The most common options we have listed below. And remember: there is much more possible!

What are the costs such special finishes?

There are several possibilities to book with such an eye-catcher!


Blind printing, preprinting or dry stamping is a printing technique that does not use ink. By applying a relief to the printing plate (or in) and then printing it on paper, the paper also produces a relief. The print can be seen by the shadow action. The technique is particularly suitable for products where a chic look should be taken. This also prevents the shaking of pressure. Blinds can also be made on paper other than paper, such as a thin metal plate, credit cards or leather. Braille is also made blindfolded.

Foil stamp

Processing technique in which a thin color or metal foil is applied to the printing. Film pressure is a printing process that applies a thin film using a magnesium cliché or a brass stamp at a temperature of about 130 degrees high on paper.


A special paint finish for printing. This paint is applied to print to achieve high gloss effect. The paint can be spotted, ie applied locally. This allows a certain part of the printing to be made extra noticeable. UV lacquer is traditionally applied with screen printers. The printing sheets (printed by the offset printer) are thereby transported to the screen printer, which provides the printing sheets of the lacquer.


Ripples are pressing or applying a fold line. By pressing a line or a special blunt wheel, the paper or cardboard in a compression screw will make it weaker. It makes it more beautiful and easier to fold. The ridge is on the inside of the fold.


Most covers are covered with a protective layer called a lamony. This protective layer is a thin layer of plastic, which makes the lid water repellent and makes it easier to remove small stains on the hood. There are two different types of laminate; Shiny and matte laminate. A matte laminate gives the cover a quieter look and makes the text appear better on the cover. A shiny laminate makes pictures on the cover better.