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Making your dissertation

Professional advice based on your dissertation

A good preparation for printing your dissertation is essential. Our site is a tool to help you design the inside pages and / or the cover of your dissertation. Of course we can do the design for you. To ensure the best results, we offer various printing techniques and binding options; We can print your thesis digitally or offset, print your cover with a matte or glossy laminate and even with spot UV (solid glossy lacquer), sewn or bonded, paperback (softcover) or hardcover etc .. More about this Further in this book. Want to know what the best option for you is? Check out our products and services or contact one of our staff at Studio Proefschrift.

Step 1

Request a quote for printing your dissertation

If you complete all the specifications of your dissertation and your print preferences on our website, you will receive a customized quote within 1 business day. In this offer, you will find a personal schedule based on your promotional date, to ensure your books are delivered in a timely manner to your promotion. We offer high quality for a competitive price. You can choose to make the cover or inner pages design for you or you can combine them. Of course, you can also do the layout cover design yourself.

Step 2

Submit files

Once you accept the offer, we will send you all necessary documents so that you know exactly what to send us and how to submit these files.

Step 3

Check layout or files

You have chosen to let Studio Thesis do the design of your dissertation for you or you have done the design yourself.

If you need help with the layout, the designer will start working on the layout of your inside pages and / or cover once all the required documents have been received from you. Within a few business days, we will send you a first design of the layout. Following this design, you can send us your comment. The designer will process these comments and complete the final layout that we will send to you.
If you take care of the layout yourself, we want to receive the print-ready files. Before we place the order for the test book, we first want to check these files to ensure that the files meet the (technical) printing requirements. You will receive feedback about this file within a business day. You will have the opportunity to adjust these comments or you can choose to help us.

Step 4

Final files

Once your files are ready, you can make the test book. We always strive for the best results. For this reason, we recommend that you first print a test book so that you can see what the final final book will look like. The test book is printed as a real book (glued bound, digitally printed).
To create the test book, we need the printable files of the inner pages and the cover. If these files are too large to send by email (up to 8 MB), you can send these files to This is the safest and most efficient way to send the files. We also need a completed order form. The order form contains everything we need to know By means of order form, the test book is printed, such as size, type of laminate, type of paper, number of color sheets, etc. Please note that we always have the printable files, order form before 8.00 Working days have been agreed and delivered. When we get the files by that time, production starts the same day.

Step 5

Test book received

After three business days (depending on the post) you will receive your test book. We always plan a couple of days in your schedule between the test book delivery and the production of the entire edition. This ensures that you have enough time to check the test book and give you the opportunity to order a second test book if necessary. For example, if you have made corrections.

Step 6

Send the order form for the last order

If the test book is approved, we would like to receive the order form (of the entire issue) so that we can start with the final order. If you've taken care of the formatting yourself, you do not need to send us the files again, we will use the same files as we used to create your test book.

Step 7

Receive books

A normal order (softcover bonded bond) takes 10 working days to process and deliver. If you chose offset printing, UV spot, hardcovers, sewn binding, etc. Increase processing time. The delivery date will be communicated to you in the order confirmation you receive from us when your order is placed.

Step 8