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Where can I print my dissertation best?

The biggest difference between digital printing and offset printing is that the fixed cost of digital printing per print job is much lower. The variable cost per sheet, on the other hand, is much higher than in offset printing. This is because the startup costs at the digital printing machine are very low (low fixed costs). As a result, digital printing is especially interesting with small layers. Furthermore, the printing pressures of digital printing are shorter than those of offset printing, making it suitable for speed clocks. The machine has a short preparation time, which allows him to start printing almost immediately and the print before you know it is finished. Digital printing is cheaper when storing 0 to 250 pieces. When higher printouts are printed digitally, the costs will be high because the variable cost of this printing method is very high. For digital production, we offer two printing methods: inkjet, toner, canon..

What are the costs of printing your dissertation?

Your dissertation is like a business card for us!

Inkjet production

We will briefly map the first method we offer: inkjet production. This new printing method is improved every day and is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. The quality can be compared to offset printing and offers a variety of types of paper to print. This method allows us to produce faster than ever, so your books can be printed again than the standard schedule we offer. Today 85% of our dissertations are printed with this quality. Even publishers have found this new way perfect for professional and fast productions. Studio Thesis has chosen this printing method for the high quality and prompt service to provide our customers. The types of paper we offer for this printing method are HVO, Biotop and G-print. At a later stage, we plan to expand the choice of paper, so you can choose more.
Toner print

Toner production

Do you prefer a shiny type of paper with even better quality? No problem, we also offer this option. The second printing method we offer for digital production is dry-toner printing. This printing method takes a bit longer to produce than inkjet production, but with dry toner printing, we strike the quality of your books on an even higher level. Yes, this option is slightly more expensive than inkjet production, but you can see the difference especially with color sheets and glossy paper. For example, if you took images from a microscope, we recommend that you choose this method of printing. The quality of dry toner printing can be compared to the photo book quality.

Nexpress production

We also offer the option for Kodak NexPress. These digital printing presses seamlessly on quality printing produced on conventional printing presses. Kodak NexPress SX Digital Production Color Platform guarantees a print quality that does not affect offset printing and processes virtually all substrates. However, the price is on average higher than inkjet and toner, but in terms of quality, if you put them next to each other, it is also visible. In addition, Nexpress also offers the PUR binding option.