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Where can I have my doctorate printed?

The end of your research is in sight. The only thing left is to print your dissertation. Read more about the possibilities offered by Studio Thesis. For digital production, we offer two printing methods: Print / Digital Printing (POD, Inkjet, Toner and Nexpress). There is also the ability to choose traditional Offset. For more information, you can always contact us without any obligation or directly request a quote.

Once your cover and the inside work are done, the files can be printed. All settings are checked and adjusted to the printer / printing press. Studio thesis has built up good relationships with different printers, so we can always offer you a good price and quality. With printing a lot of things are possible. There are hundreds of types of paper and special finishes for which you can choose.

What are the costs of printing your dissertation?

Your dissertation is like a business card for us!
Proefschrift offset drukken

Offset press

Offset printing is high quality and the bond, often glued bound, is very strong. Offset printing is an old-fashioned printing method that uses printed circuit boards and printing presses. Pages are printed with 16 or 32 pages at a time and are printed on sheets that are then collected in sections. For this reason, it is not possible to spread color pages randomly through the dissertation; The color pages must be collected in a color section. Compared to digital printing, printing of color sheets is usually more expensive at offset printing. Offset printing compensates in price with digital printing from an edition of 500 or more books.
Proefschrift printen

Thesis printing

Digital production is a relatively new technology. Compared with offset printing, digital production is not only much faster and much cheaper, but also has the advantage of printing relatively small quantities, often for dissertations. The quality of digital production has increased in recent years, making the difference in quality between offset and digital production almost negligible. Unlike offset, digital printing does not make use of printing plates. Digital production makes it possible to print in black and white, color or a combination of black and white and color. The use of PDF files makes it possible to have color sheets at any location in the thesis. This production method usually uses a glued bond (perfect bond), but other binding methods are also possible. For digital production, we offer two printing methods: inkjet and toner.
Proefschrift speciaal

Thesis specials

How do you really like what your print company really can see what you can do? We deliver the most beautiful printing daily to our customers, but it is difficult to show online what we can. There are several possibilities to book with such an additional eye-catcher. Of course, we would like to speak our own print. Therefore, you are always welcome to visit our office to see what we have printed for our customers over the years.