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Which papers can I choose? Discover the best paper for your book!

There are many different types of paper, but not every type of paper is appropriate for printing a thesis. For that reason, Studio Thesis has made a selection of papers suitable for each type of dissertation.

The choice of paper is important and depends on your personal preferences. Below is a description of the three most commonly used papers for dissertations. If you need advice on our different types of paper, please contact us so that we can assist you in your choice.

Advice on paper types?

Studio thesis has the right papers!
Papiersoort HVO

HVO paper

HVO is a white, rough type of paper recommended for non-fiction books, such as this manual. HVO is a non-coated paper and is treated to ensure that it does not change color after aging. HVO is available in 90 grams.
Papiersoort G-Print

G-Print paper

G-print is a very popular type of paper and is usually used for printing theses. G-print is a machine coated and light gray tinted paper. We recommend this paper for copies with images, figures and tables. G-print is available in 100 grams.
Papiersoort biotop

Biotop paper

Biotop paper is a cream color paper that feels a bit grainy and rough. This paper is often used for dissertations printed in black and white only. Or dissertations with limited color use. Biotope is available in 90 grams.

FSC gecertificeerd Paper

All our paper is FSC certified. We can offer you the FSC certification and logo for your complete order. If you want to use this option, please contact us and ask for the possibilities.