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Where can I have my doctorate printed?

Traditional printing still matters as the basis of the print. Studio dissertation provides a wide variety of services. We will gladly assist you with the best choice regarding paper, lamony, color and print of your thesis. In addition, we offer many other printing options, such as preg, thickened varnish layers, spot UV lacquer, hardbound editions, punch, color, baffles, gloss laminate and mat lamony. What are the differences between these two ways of pressure and what are their pros and cons? We make the most of your publication and do that for the lowest price.

The difference in quality between offset and digital printing is minimal at present. Previously, the difference was clearly visible and offset printing was much higher than digital printing. Nowadays, the difference in quality between both print shapes is minimal! Offset pressure can be seen as mass production. The price of offset printing is quite low at a minimum of 250 pieces. This is because the variable costs are very low. A disadvantage, however, is that startup costs (fixed costs) are very high and therefore offset printing is only beneficial from a certain minimum order.

What are the costs of printing your dissertation?

Your dissertation is our business card!