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How do you translate a text document into a clear layout for a dissertation?

If you want to make sure your interior design is professional, it is advisable to do this by a specialized designer. A specialized designer knows which requirements must be met when designing a dissertation. Of course, it is your own choice to hire a designer, but at Studio Thesis we also have team designers who will be happy to help you meet these requirements by making a book that you can be proud of.

Before the designer can start structuring a layout, the text file must be cleaned. Only afterwards can the interior work be done. This requires complicated software that requires a lot of knowledge. As with a cover design, we offer three options to choose from: self, graphic, creative.

hat are the costs for the layout of a dissertation?

In addition to an attractive cover, the interior is also essential for the appearance of your thesis!
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Thesis layout yourself

When you decide to design your thesis yourself, you can use the advanced features of Word. You should take into account a large number of factors such as image resolution, font embedding, and overall formatting. We receive the print ready files. We will first check these files to ensure that the files meet the (technical) requirements for printing. You will receive feedback about this file within a business day. You will have the opportunity to adjust these comments or you can choose to help us.
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Outsource thesis layout

The interior is the perfect mix of typography, layout, typesetting and illustrations. An interior that looks simple and attractive is almost always the result of the expertise of an experienced graphic designer. A professional designer has specialized software like Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to get professional results.
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Thesis layout creative

For a creative design, view your work in-depth and carry on the look and feel of your cover in the interior to create a unique product. A good layout brings a clear structure and makes the text easy to read.