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Studio Proefschrift

In order to translate your research into a distinctive publication, a close process is initiated, requiring a lot of knowledge from different fields of study. At Studio Proefschrift, we have put together the strength of designers and developers with a technical and creative background. This way we can help you with the various steps in the process, but also take care of the complete picture so you do not have to worry about it.

Studio Proefschrift - Proefschrift

Start planning what you need for the design and printing of your dissertation

When you apply for a quote, you will immediately get a clear picture of everything you need to realize your dissertation.
Proefschrift omslag

Cover design

A good design makes your work stand out and the content is enhanced. We master different disciplines in graphic design, which enables us to realize all your ideas for a turnaround. You can of course also provide a cover or choose to give Studio Proefschrift its own creative insights.
Proefschrift binnenwerk

Thesis lay-out

The interior design is a subject separate for which professional and complicated software is required. Our experienced designers, illustrators and technical DTPs can transform your text file into a beautiful layout with clear pages. A neatly framed interior gives a professional appearance and more pleasure in reading!
Proefschrift drukwerk

Thesis printing

In addition to the design, we also guide the printing and finishing of the assignments. We can advise and inform you about the printing methods and the special possibilities that are available in this area. Printing shows come up with a lot of technical issues that need to be done well. Studio Proefschrift has the knowledge to take care of these concerns and deliver print at a competitive price.
Proefschrift digitale publicatie

Thesis digital

Since the emergence of tablets, we are specialized in digital media such as e-books, interactive PDFs and e-Pubs. Studio Proefschrift transforms physical publications into exciting interactive experiences for desktops, smartphones and tablets.
Thesis Plus
+ free EPUB!
  • Graphic cover design
  • Professional interior layout
  • Bookmark in style
  • Print delivered free of charge
  • Digital publication version
Do you take care of the design / layout of your dissertation?

  • Guidance printing
  • File Check
  • Test print
  • Print delivered free of charge

Digital publication

Your dissertation as EPUB

As a PhD student, it is common for you to have printed versions of your dissertation. And you may also want to print more books for friends, family and colleagues. We can offer you your dissertation digitally, so that you can spread it more easily and environmentally.

Digital publication as PDF

At the Studio Proefschrift, the PhD student receives a complete PDF version of his / her dissertation. The PDF version contains the table of contents and active hyperlinks. The reader of the thesis can easily navigate to the correct pages through the hyperlink and to external pages referred to. The cover and the back of the dissertation will be included as the first and last page of the book.

Digital publication as E-Book

The dissertation as an E-Book can be seen as an online book. Like a real book, the reader can browse the book. The user does not need to download software and download the publication himself. These are online to view.

Digital publication as EPUB

Het The big advantage of an ePub is that it can be opened with iBooks from Adobe Digital Editions on an Apple or Google tablet. The ePub is not large size, it is dynamic and fully conforms to the size of the display. You can easily navigate through the document with the hyperlink of the table of contents.
You can also choose to expand the ePub with different enrichment. Studio Proefschrift can take care of the complete layout of your ePub. If you give our designer an ePub design, you can choose from various additions, such as: internal and external hyperlinks, slideshows, videos, forms, and animations such as rollovers.

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