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Additional printing for your promotion!

No promotion is the same and you may have some creative ideas to shape the print around the defense of your dissertation. For example, consider folders, folding cards or postcards.

Extra invitation cards for the party?

Promoting is a special day that you would like to share with family colleagues and friends!
Proefschrift folder

Create a folder

Perhaps it is too expensive to offer a copy of the dissertation to anyone present in the defense. In that case, you can choose to print a folder with a summary of your promotional research, the propositions and the afternoon program.
Uitnodigings kaart

Make invitations

The invitation to defend your promotion does not necessarily take the form of a bookkeeper. You can choose to print a card with the invitation. This is especially practical when only a select company is invited for an exclusive dinner or party.
Digitale uitnodiging

Digital Invitation

Create and send invitations is one of those tasks that requires special attention. The internet makes an invitation that looks beautiful, not only easy but cheap and multi functional. Think of an epub that you can refer to, date that can be placed right in their calendar and location that can be located right.