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Transform your dissertation to a digital publication

As a PhD student, it is common for you to have printed versions of your dissertation. And you may also want to print more books for friends, family and colleagues. We can offer you to make your thesis in a digital book so that you can spread it more easily and environmentally.

The promotion is an official issue where the printed dissertation is indispensable. However, that does not mean that you can not benefit from the technology of now. For example, you can choose to print a digital version of your dissertation in the form of a digital publication for smartphone or tablet in addition to printed copies.

What are the costs of making a digt dissertation?

Optimize your reading experience with a Free Digital Publication!
Digitale publicatie pdf

Thesis PDF

If you choose to publish your dissertation PDF, you will receive an interactive PDF. The reader of the dissertation can easily navigate to the correct pages. The cover and the back of the dissertation will be included as the first and last page of the book.
Digitale publicatie flibook

Thesis Ebook

The dissertation as an eBook can be seen as an online book. Like a real book, the reader can browse the book. As with a printed book, a chapter layout In the eBook, this can be achieved by clicking on the following two pages using the arrow or by using the left menu. The sale of the eBook has risen sharply in recent years. In order to meet this increasing demand, we are seeing publishers and authors increasingly publishing an eBook. This also applies to dissertations. At Studio Thesis, we also see that the demand for eBook is increasing. Are you curious about how such an eBook looks like?
Digitale publicatie epub

Thesis EPUB

The big advantage of an ePub is that it can be opened with iBooks or Adobe Digital Editions on an Apple or Google tablet. The ePub does not have a fixed size, which means that the format adaptively adjusts to the screen and window size. This makes reading as enjoyable as a static datal instance on, for example, a smartphone. You can easily navigate through the document with the hyperlink table of contents. You can choose to expand the ePub with different enrichment. Studio thesis can take care of the complete layout of your ePub. If you give our designer an ePub design, you can choose from various add-ons, such as: internal and external hyperlinks, slideshows, videos, forms, and animations such as rollovers. You can view a free example of an ePub, ask a demo!