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Do you already have a clear picture or do you want to design your thesis cover?

Not everyone is as creative and at times of promotion you are probably already busy enough. You may have already found an image but the quality is too low for printing. We can work out your vision or study your work and design an original cover. To help you with your choice we have three choices :, Self, Basic and Creative/p>

Give your dissertation that extra dimension and choose a design done by one of the Professionals of Studio Thesis. We design very special garments for PhD students. Are you curious about what we can create for you? You can view some of the wrappers we've made for our customers on our website

What are the costs of making a cover?

The cover of the thesis has an important function, after all, you have only one chance to make a first impression!
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Outsource Designing Dissertation Cover

As a PhD student you are very intensive on one specific topic. At the moment you want to make a cover for your dissertation, you have no doubt about it here. In addition to the captions and font of the title, it is important to take into account printing technical aspects such as the back thickness, the run and the binding method. Of course, we have a number of guidelines that you can use as a tool and can help you with the design phase.
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Designing Dissertation Cover yourself

After years of studying, researching and writing around one subject, you often have an idea of ​​how the cover of your thesis should look like. It can be very enlightening to share these ideas with a graphic designer who can translate content into an appropriate design in the field of typography and photography. We ensure that your name, title and sample image are merged into a beautiful whole.
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Thesis cover creative design

We look at your work in depth and create some sketches. These are then worked out in cooperation with you into a unique design. For a graphical effect, keep in mind that the process may take longer.