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An invitation in the form of a boorkmark for the defense? A invitation in style!

In addition to a dissertation and statements, you also need invitation cards to invite friends, family and colleagues for the defense, the reception afterwards and perhaps a party. It has now become a tradition for the dissertation to be accompanied by a bookkeeper. The bookkeeper is at the same time the invitation to the defense and the reception of the promotion. The bookmakers are printed free of charge by Studio Thesis. With the Plus package, the bookkeepers are also designed in style with the cover of the dissertation. Next, they are pressed with the cover of the proof sheer, so that they have the same color and cardboard type.

Extra Invitations for the party?

Promoting is a special day that you like to share with family, colleagues and friends!
Boekenlegger ontwerp

Bookmark design

It is advisable to design the bookkeeper with the invitation at the same time as the dissertation. The graphic designer can easily process the cover elements in the booklet so you can offer a beautiful and sleek design.
Boekenlegger zelf ontwerpen

Design a bookmark yourself

You can of course choose to design the bookkeeper himself. In addition, the best strategy is to take the cover of your dissertation as a starting point. The challenge is to come to a standalone design as the book's elongate format differs considerably from the size of the cover.
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Invitation party

Promoting is something very special, it happens only a few. That's why it's nice to invite all your friends and relatives for the party after this special day.
Uitnodiging diner

Invitation Dinner

Invite family members, friends and colleagues to dinner after the promotion ceremony? With a dinner card completely in full swing in a nice way to do this.